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Rubber Flooring Ideas

A Complete Guide About Rubber Flooring

There is a huge options list of floorings in the market; as we know, the floor covers the central part of the building. People invest in the best flooring option that elevates their interior theme and adds value to the building. Soft flooring is always preferable because of its high functionality. A floor’s primary purpose is to contain comfortable walking space on the top. 


A floor should be more than comfortable so that it can not aggravate foot aches. Rubber flooring is getting on the top of the list. Rubber is a soft natural material that flawlessly shows off its features when used as a floor. Rubber can be synthetically generated with a little compromise on its functionality. But the main recommendation is to go for natural or recycled rubber flooring to attain maximum benefits. 

What Actually Rubber Flooring Is?

Rubber is a natural substance famous for its soft nature that creates a cushioning effect under the feet when used as a floor. The comfortable walking space rubber helps reduce foot aches and creates an excellent environment for walking and rest. Rubber comes with a soft touch feel and shade options to style your place correctly. 


Rubber Mat flooring in Dubai comes in both shapes, rubber tiles, and rubber sheets, to flawlessly add more features. The sheets are in the form of large rolls for the uniform floor looks because the entire sheet comes with the same color theme. But the tiles are small square-shaped rubber flooring pieces so that we can create a non-uniform interior look with them. 

Application Measures For Rubber Flooring

  • Removing your whole subfloor for the installation of rubber flooring is optional. Rubber flooring can be installed over any surface with no hectic installation process instructions. 


  • Most people install this flooring over their concrete floor; it is recommended to avoid installing rubber over carpet flooring because the rubber will surely damage the carpet fibers.


  • Clean the subfloor with the intent of getting smooth rubber flooring afterward. Better to vacuum it and then wash the entire subfloor as a good measure. 


  • Remember to take proper area measurements before buying a rubber floor covering. Choose the shape option wisely to meet your requirements and the need of your interior idea.


Rubber Sheets or Rolls: The roll sheets can be placed over the floor with the only hurdle of managing its folds. Take expert instructions and then install it at your place with the proper usage of adhesive that makes it fit into its place. 


Sheets are built to resist water from both sides. The important thing to notice is they can only resist water. This means they do not get damaged with water stays, but they do not have a water-proof quality so take care of them during installation. It is better to avoid their installation in bathrooms and kitchen areas.


Rubber Tiles: Rubber tiles are small squares, which is why they are seventy times easier to install; the only trouble is their random or non-uniform nature which can always be addressed. If you want a sophisticated interior theme, never choose rubber tiles for flooring. They only create a creative or non-uniform trendy look. Apply the adhesive evenly and then place it on the floor; it is better to walk on them to see if they are entirely fixed. Some rubber tiles also have an interlocking feature that makes them fixed to their place.

Maintenance Routine For Rubber Floors

Waxing Rubber Floors

Rubber does not demand a heavy cleaning routine. Instead, it can keep its luxurious looks clean without your help. Rubber is famous for producing wax on its surface; the dirt and unwanted material collectively come to its surface in wax after a specific time. You can simply remove the wax; there is no need to wax your floor after some years; instead, enjoy the highly functional rubber flooring. No need to throw your tile away, you can replace the damaged tile and get the exact shade for the space.

Cleaning Routine 

The cleaning routine of rubber flooring is straightforward; simply use vacuuming for daily cleaning. Stain removal from rubber can be done within some minutes, use hot water so that the stain loses its integrity, and then wipe it off. If the hot water technique does not work, use baking soda with water. Apply the mixture on the stain and gently wipe the stain off after brushing it with a micro-fiber brush. 

Luxurious Interior Looks With Rubber Flooring 

The rubber sheets come with a long list of trendy patterns, small block patterns, geometrical-shaped patterns, aesthetic designs, and some floral patterns to lavishly design the interior o your place. 


You can create your idea by using different shades of rubber tiles for a non-uniform interior ideal appearance. Choose a matchy shade to enhance the interior module of your place.

Advantages Of Rubber Flooring

  • Strong Flooring: Rubber flooring can bear high foot traffic and heavy load stays without losing its intact nature.


  • Water-Resistant: This flooring option can resist water and spills, which is the reason for its long survival rate. 


  • Comfortable To Walk On: Because of its plush touch, it does not generate any pain while walking.


  • Temperature Balancing Nature: The tightly packed structure of rubber slows down the flow of heat and electricity, which is a good sign for rubber installation in a commercial area.


  • Chemical-Free: Chemicals are harmful to our health, and rubber flooring is a great option to be placed in industries. 


  • Luxurious Appearance: Its luxurious shade options and trendy patterns make it a decorative element for your interior theme.


  • Stable Flooring Option: It does not enhance any slip trips and stays in its place, but if it gets wet, it is better to avoid sudden movements on it for preventive measures.


  • Resistant To Tearing: The rubber floor is hard to tear, so your flooring experience can skip its damaged looks. 


  • Biodegradable: Rubber is an eco-friendly floor option because it can be biodegraded, and we can recycle it, so it produces no harm to the environment.


  • Shock Absorbing Quality: Rubber flooring is designed with closely packed electrons and can absorb instant harsh movements. 

Come To An End

Rubber floors are easy to install with the low-maintenance routine they demand. Removing your subfloor is optional for their installation. They come with features so you can avail yourself of their proper functionality. Better to monitor all the factors before installing rubber flooring at your place to avoid troubles afterward.