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Best Talcum Powders for Your Little Babies

You all must have heard that babies smell so good. Well, this is true, they smell good because of their talcum powder. They need these powders because we as adults can keep our bodies fresh and try various products. But what about the little children they can not take care of themselves, therefore, we have to take care of them. children roam here and there and spill food on their clothes. Sweat and moisture can make your children uncomfortable. When children free uneasy they just cry and this uneasiness will disturb their sleep.  Therefore, to save your children from such uneasiness, you should use a good talcum powder that will absorb the excess moisture from the soft skin of your body and keep the rashes away. These powders will be free from any harmful ingredients and give your baby a pleasant smell. Among the various choices of powders in the market, you may get confused about choosing the perfect one for your munchkins. Hence, I am going to mention some talcum powders in this article. You may get find them on eBay alternatives.  

  • Himalaya Baby Powder 


The powder by the Himalaya is the best product in the Indian market. This powder is very gentle on the skin of your newborn babies. The product is made with ingredients like olive oil and almond oil. The olive present in this powder nourishes the soft skin and as we know almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E that protects the skin from any radical damage and makes it soft. It also provides cooling because it contains khas grass which keeps the baby fresh. This talc is natural and does not block the pores. It is paraben and phthalate free.

  • Johnson’s Baby Powder 


This is the most popular brand universally for its childcare products. It meets all the highest quality standards. This powder also keeps sweat away and absorbs excess moisture. It provides important nourishment to the skin which stops the skin from getting dry.  It is filled with a beautiful fragrance that attracts everyone. It is specially made for children because it is totally free from any harmful chemicals that can damage the soft skin of your kids.  It can be used every time. It is dermatologist tested. It does not contain any paraben and sulfate free. 

  • Mamaearth Powder for Babies


The brand mama earth is known for its organic and natural products. The powder by this brand contains only natural and organic ingredients. It is safe for the sensitive skin of your toddlers. It has arrowroot powder in it which removes the excess moisture. It has zinc oxide which provides comfort from irritation and prevents rashes. It contains oat which soothes the irritation and calms your body. It also has lavender oil that revitalizes the senses and gives good sleep to your little one.

  • The Mom co. Natural Baby Powder


It is a talc-free powder that is made with corn starch to keep the sweat in control. It has calendula oil, organic jojoba oil, and organic chamomile oil that provide the required nourishment to the skin. Chamomile oil is anti-inflammatory qualities that prevent irritation and infection. Calendula oil moisturizes and soothes skin. It has natural jojoba oil which removes red rashes. It is absolutely silicone and mineral oil free. 

  • Mee Mee Baby Powder 


It is an extremely light powder with a floral fragrance. It can be used after a diaper change. It keeps the bay fresh the whole day. It is absolutely clinically safe and dermatologist safe for your baby.


These were some widely used and trusted powders. However, you can choose any powder for your little one after the research and consulting with the dermatologist.