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Corrugated boxes

Give your customers an incredible unboxing experience with Corrugated Boxes this Christmas


Corrugated boxes this Christmas

Corrugated boxes are the most commonly used boxes for shipping purposes. These are the all-time best boxes to use in the shipping process. They are significantly strong, look natural, and provide a good and easy unboxing experience. People and businesses do share their heavy products and sometimes bundles of products. These boxes make sure of no damage to the products inside and deliver them safely. As they are biodegradable, they protect the earth from a bad atmosphere. They also keep the products safe from weather disorders.

Christmas is just some weeks away, and everyone wants to buy gifts, important language for decoration, new dresses, and a lot more. Some people try to visit the market, and some visit online stores to save their precious time. And when they mostly receive their products, they get them in cardboard, Corrugated Boxes. In the local market, they don’t receive their goods always in corrugated because stores use them when they sell bundles of things instead of one or two. Same for online shopping with a little change. That is all related to stores and the type of products that you want to buy to find out, which one is suitable for these packaging.

There are many packaging production companies in Canada, but VivePrinting is one of the old packaging companies with a lot of experience and regular small businesses and brands. We offer corrugated boxes for shipping at very reasonable prices. We also provide services of custom-made boxes that can be customized in different ways. Suppose you are worried about the delivery process, no problem because we delivered corrugated packaging free of cost to your doorstep. But before any decision, let’s learn more about these boxes.


Types of Businesses that use Corrugated Boxes

There are several types of businesses that use corrugated boxes by the hand of corrugated boxes manufacturer in different forms and sizes. Businesses that use them are as follows.


Food industries:

Food is essential for every living thing. The most common food is simple vegetables, grains, and meats. But to add fun to food, people do like to eat fancy foods. So, the café or restaurants use corrugated boxes for delivery purposes. Pizza boxes are the most commonly used forms of these boxes.

This Christmas, you can use them to deliver products and spread awareness of your brand. You can print your logo with Christmas signs over the box or can shape your box accordingly.


The shipping corrugated boxes canada for Retailers:

Corrugated Boxes are in a wide range of businesses. People use them for different purposes, commonly for shipping purposes. Retailers are the businesses who are in need to use these packaging boxes to the purpose of shipping products from one place to another. In this case, they took too much effort, but now the corrugated packaging is making this process easier than ever.

These boxes ship their products from their stores to the customers. To advertise the products and the company itself in a better way, they can print product descriptions and company logos over the boxes. These shipping boxes share their products with complete safety.



Apparel is an industry that requires not too much safety, but sometimes, safety becomes a big need of this industry too. Furthermore, they also need a luxurious look for their best items to grab more customers. Advertisements it the first need of any company, and the same with apparel. For all these purposes, they can utilize Corrugated Boxes and can represent them in good form.

Businesses can customize their shipping boxes with many printings and design options. VivePrinting has experienced and professional employees who are able to fulfill every of your required facilities. They have been working for years with us, and we select them after a long training and selection process.


Shops that sell gifts:

Presents are the best things that make others feel like lucky people. The presentation of gifts does matter, and nobody wants to create a mess with this process. Our entire focus becomes on feeling others happy, and no doubt, Christmas is an occasion of happiness and sharing. The business sells its best products to its potential customers, as they want to serve best and earn best, and VivePrinting helps them to continue the process of joy.

We offer the best gift presentation packaging boxes that can give your clients a jaw-drop experience. Unboxing gifts will be a great experience for those who believe in you and for those too you want to get trust.


Options of presentation with corrugated boxes

Not just shipping corrugated boxes canada, the items within the simple printed box are available but also, you can share them by using several presentation options. In the shipping process, most of the companies do use simple boxes with only the logo of several other things, but you can put the plus points of excitement and pleasure vibes by using printing or shaping options. Some of those printing and designing options are mentioned below.


Shape the boxes in customized and predefined designs

Simple boxes deliver the good things but do not express whether the company is happy to share its products with customers or not. Either advertising, if you try to present them by adding some shapes, this will not only excite the customers, levelling up your revenue scale and presenting the goods with another level of protection but also bind the user with your name and products. That will also help you grab more customers because people like the designed shipping boxes.

Die-cutting and window-cutting of boxes are commonly used design boxes in the market. VivePring is offering you the die-cut and window-cut boxes as shipping corrugated boxes canada. We are known as the best old corrugated boxes manufacturer in Canada, so there you will face 0% risk options while working with us.


Design the boxes with customized and predefined patterns

Nowadays, nothing is impossible, and when VivePrinting is working with you, don’t get worried about your product boxes. We offer you multiple printing options and provide a level best printing process that can deliver to your customers what you want. Corrugated Boxes are available to print with Gloss and Semi-gloss, satin, soft touch lamination, and spot UV coating. Colors options are also available, like Full-color, Pantone colors, and CMYK printing process.

These options not only work for predefined designs, but you can also customize your printing designs and colours. No doubt, you can grab the best Product boxes and will surely enjoy the shipping process. You can earn a high scaled revenue and enjoy your earnings with no fear.


Why corrugated boxes for shipping from VivePrinting?

Boxes have nothing to do with products and people, but with the presentation, it does. People want to get a smooth, lovely, and adaptable vibe from the product they are using. They do care about the process and want to know if their product company does care about their relationship with their customers. If yes, they will continue buying products; otherwise, they will deny and stop getting in contact with you. So, to bring you out from the issue, VivePrinting provides the services of printing, customization, and manufacturing the products.

We have our customer care resources with experience of several years and also essential knowledge about the products. You can contact us to continue the production of your Corrugated Boxes. You can also buy vape boxes Canada, Mailer boxes, Die Cut Boxes, and Custom Boxes from VivePrinting to compete with other companies.

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