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Event Housing Management: What You Need To Know In 2024?

Whether you’re a seasoned event professional or new to the industry, understanding the ins and outs of event housing management is important for hosting successful events. Let’s explore the five key components of event housing management and how technological solutions can revolutionize the process.

What is Event Housing Management?

Event housing management involves coordinating and managing the lodging needs of attendees, exhibitors, and staff for events, meetings, conferences, or festivals. It encompasses everything from selecting suitable hotels to negotiating rates, managing room blocks, handling bookings, and providing attendee support. Let’s dive into the five key components of event housing management:

1. Hotel Selection and Negotiation

The first step in event housing management is identifying suitable hotels near the event venue and negotiating rates and concessions. This includes securing a block of rooms and negotiating amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi or breakfast. Event housing management software simplifies this process by allowing organizers to compare accommodation options based on criteria like location, rates, and amenities.

2. Room Block Management

Effectively managing room blocks is crucial to avoid attrition fees and ensure sufficient accommodation for attendees. This involves monitoring pick-up rates, marketing the event, and adjusting block sizes as necessary. Real-time information on pick-up rates and room availability provided by housing management software allows organizers to make prompt adjustments.

3. Booking Management

Setting up and managing the reservation process is essential for a smooth attendee experience. This includes creating a dedicated booking website or portal, handling changes, cancellations, and special requests. The booking site serves as the face of all housing-related tasks for attendees, making it crucial to streamline the process to maximize bookings within the block.

4. Attendee Support

Providing excellent customer service is key to addressing attendee inquiries and issues that arise during their stay. This may include managing room share requests or providing automated email notifications about booking confirmations, changes, or cancellations. Attendee support ensures a positive experience and enhances event satisfaction.

5. Post-event Analysis and Accounting

After the event, analyzing key metrics like pick-up rates and satisfaction levels is essential for improving future events. Additionally, accurate accounting and invoicing ensure smooth transactions and maintain positive relationships with accommodation providers. Event housing management software facilitates post-event analysis and accounting, streamlining the process for organizers.


Event housing management is a complex but essential aspect of hosting successful events. Leveraging technology through event housing management software streamlines tasks, saves time, and enhances the attendee experience. With the right tools in place, organizers can revolutionize their event housing management and create memorable experiences for attendees.

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