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Frequently Asked Question on Dragon Professional 15 Software

Got Dragon Software? If you’re using it on your computer, here’s some good news: once you’ve set it up and got it going, you don’t need the internet to keep it running. That’s because everything it needs is right there on your computer.

But, if you’re using Dragon’s mobile buddy, Dragon Anywhere, on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to stay connected to the internet. Why? Dragon Anywhere likes to store your chats and voice commands in the cloud, which means it needs the internet to do its thing. So, while your desktop Dragon is a bit of a lone ranger, Dragon Anywhere likes to stay connected!

Dragon Medical One

Ever hear of Dragon Medical One (or DMO for short)? It’s this cool speech-to-text tool doctors and medical folk’s use. Here’s the thing, though: DMO loves the internet. Why? It’s because DMO works its magic from the cloud. When you teach it new medical words or give it special commands, guess where it stores all that? Yep, up in the cloud! It’s like having a secret storage locker in the sky.

But hey, Dragon Software in general is versatile. You can use it even when you’re offline, which is perfect for those “no Wi-Fi” moments. Plus, if you’re a bit privacy-conscious, this mode’s got you covered. But when you do connect to the internet? Boom! You unlock a world of cool, advanced features and it gets even smarter in real-time. So, whether you’re online or off, Dragon’s got your back!

Note: If you are still confused that which version of Dragon works without the internet then feel free to contact Dragon customer service at +1-310-513-5006

FAQ’s on Does Dragon Software Work Without the Internet?

Does Dragon Software work without the internet connection to function?

No worries! Dragon Software works just fine offline, so you don’t always need an internet connection.

Can I use custom words and phrases offline?

For sure! Even when offline, Dragon Software can use your personalized word list to nail those industry-specific terms in transcriptions.

Can I use Dragon Software offline with multiple applications?

Yes, Dragon Software is fully compatible with various desktop applications and HER systems, allowing user to dictate text on all platforms.

Is the accuracy of transcription compromised in offline mode?

No, nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software holds its Maximum level of accuracy in offline mode, using its local speech recognition engine which is stored in local driver to ensure precise transcription.

How do I transfer my dragon profile from one computer to another?

For this kindly read the blog steps to transfer your dragon profile to another computer

What are steps to transfer your dragon software license to another computer?

We have briefly explained step by step process of transferring nuance dragon to new computer kindly read the blog.

Do I need to be a tech genius to use it?

Not at all! It’s user-friendly, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be chatting away and watching your words appear on screen.

Will it understand my accent?

Dragon Home 15 is like that friend who’s been around the world and gets most accents. With a bit of training, it’ll understand you just fine, regardless of your twang!

Can I use it for my school assignments?

A: Absolutely! Whether you’re crafting an essay or making notes, Dragon Home 15 can help you get your thoughts down without typing.

What if I have a vast, peculiar vocabulary?

Dragons got a knack for learning! Introduce it to your unique words, and soon enough, it’ll be catching those terms like a pro.

Will it work on my old computer?

While Dragon Home 15 is modern software, it’s adaptable. Just make sure to check its system requirements against your computer’s specs.

Do I always need the internet for it?

Nope! Once installed, Dragon Home 15 can work offline, allowing you to dictate your next novel even in a Wi-Fi-free zone.

Can it read texts back to me?

A: Yes, it can! If you’re tired of reading, let Dragon read out your text. It’s like having a personal storyteller.

Is it just for PCs?

Dragon Home 15 is primarily designed for Windows-based PCs. But Dragon has other versions tailored for different devices.

How fast can it type out my words?

It’s swift, almost like real-time! As you talk, your words will appear on screen, making you feel like a magician.

Is it secure?

Dragon values your privacy. It keeps your data local on your computer, ensuring no prying eyes can access your words.

Can I use it in other languages?

Dragon Home 15 mainly focuses on English. However, there are other Dragon editions supporting various languages.



What if it types something wrong?

Everyone makes mistakes, even Dragon! But it’s easy to correct and, over time, Dragon learns from these little blunders.

Can I use it to control my computer?

Dragon Home 15 is more of a writer. For full computer control, you might want to explore Dragon’s other versions.