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From Legacy to Advocacy: Mr. Rodie’s Pursuit of Justice in Connecticut

A Legacy of Legal Excellence

In the realm of law, there are those who carry forward a legacy of justice, and Mr. Rodie is one such distinguished figure. As a lifelong resident of Stratford, Connecticut, he proudly continues the tradition set by his father, Attorney Wilfred J. Rodie, Sr., in the practice of law. His journey is not only a testament to his dedication but also a beacon of hope for those seeking justice, particularly in cases involving Cancer Misdiagnosis Connecticut.

A Scholarly Foundation

Mr. Rodie’s journey into the legal world began with his Magna Cum Laude graduation from Georgetown University in 1983. He then furthered his education, earning a Juris Doctorate degree from the prestigious Georgetown University Law Center in 1986. These academic achievements paved the way for a distinguished career marked by unwavering commitment and a thirst for justice.

A Pillar of the Legal Community

In 1986, Mr. Rodie was admitted to practice law in Connecticut, embarking on a career that has seen him represent clients in various courts throughout the state. His regular appearances before judges of the Superior Court are a testament to his dedication to the principles of justice and the rule of law.

A Multifaceted Advocate

Mr. Rodie’s contributions to the legal community go beyond the courtroom. He has served as an Attorney Fact Finder/Arbitrator at the request of the Connecticut Chief Court Administrator for many years. This multifaceted approach to the legal profession showcases his versatility and his willingness to serve the cause of justice in various roles.

Championing the Vulnerable

One of the most notable aspects of Mr. Rodie’s career is his advocacy in cases related to cancer misdiagnosis in Connecticut. As a member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association, and the Connecticut Bar Association, he has emerged as a dedicated advocate for individuals who have suffered due to medical errors. His tireless efforts to secure accountability and justice for these victims are both remarkable and commendable.

Recognition of Excellence

Mr. Rodie’s outstanding contributions to the legal field have not gone unnoticed. Connecticut Magazine has recognized him as a Connecticut Super Lawyer, a prestigious accolade that underscores his exceptional legal skills and commitment to justice. Furthermore, his AV Preeminent rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest recognition for legal ability and ethical standards, solidifies his reputation as a paragon of legal excellence.


Mr. Rodie’s journey, from a lifelong Stratford resident inheriting a legal legacy to becoming a steadfast advocate for justice, is a testament to the enduring power of dedication and compassion within the legal profession. His relentless commitment to fighting for justice in cases of cancer misdiagnosis in Connecticut serves as an inspiration to all who seek accountability and closure in the face of medical errors. Mr. Rodie’s legacy is a shining example of how one individual can make an enduring impact in the lives of others through the pursuit of justice and the unwavering defense of the vulnerable.