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gitlab CI CD pipelines: how to search by execution date

They allow you to define a series of jobs that are automatically run whenever code is pushed to a repository. Let me show you three ways to make this process smoother. If you understand the basic concepts of GitLab pipelines, feel free to clonethis repository and run some experiments on your new CI/CD project. You can run some jobs only on a specific branch; you can open merge requests and run jobs after merging. You could detect code changes and run some jobs if there were changes in particular directories. The main difference is that Gitlab pipelines allow collaboration and provide a clean environment for each build because docker images may be used.

Auto-tech series – GitLab: Automation en route to faster software –

Auto-tech series – GitLab: Automation en route to faster software.

Posted: Tue, 09 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Codefresh Platform Automate your deployments in minutes using our managed enterprise platform powered by Argo. If you have worked with Jenkins, you know the pain points of working with groovy code. Thus, GitLab CI makes it easy to design, understand, and maintain the pipeline code.

Kubes: Kubernetes Deployment Tool

One of the best automation tools in GitLab is the CI/CD pipeline, which makes coding jobs more efficient. We’ll break down everything you need to know about Triggers provide a way to interact with the GitLab CI. Using a trigger a user or an application can run a new build/job for a specific commit. Let’s see how runners and executors collaborate with Gitlab, looking atGitLab runner execution flow.

A gitlab-ci.yml reference is available on To get a feeling for how everything works together, start at the bottom by installing a runner on your local What is GitLab Pipelines system. Certain operations can only be performed according to theuser and job permissions. Configuration for the single global pipeline becomes hard to manage.


Add this API key to the GITGUARDIAN_API_KEY environment variable in your project settings. Detect errors early in the/CD pipeline by running faster jobs first to enable fail-fast testing. The remaining pipeline won’t run if a job fails, so earlier failures save time and resources.

Consider below code snippet – where I’ve 2 jobs – build package and deploy package. The job build package generates a file ‘build.txt’ inside ‘package’ directory and we’re declaring the path package as artifacts. This means any files inside this package directory and will be available for other jobs. Consider a scenario where one job builds the application and creates a package.

Configuring CI Using GitLab and Nx

Simply remove the echo statements and replace them with your set of commands. In order to design a basic pipeline, let’s understand the structure of a pipeline. If you are already familiar with the basic structure given below, you may want to jump below to the advanced pipeline outline for various environments. Visit and create your account if you don’t have one already. Once done, click “New Project,” and on the following screen, click “Create Blank Project.” Name it My First Project, leave other settings to default for now, and click Create.

gitlab pipelines

Microservices Best practices for building loosely coupled services. Software Deployment Fix deployment problems using modern strategies and best practices. Shivani is a QA Automation Engineer who primarily works on Automating Testing.

gitlab CI/CD pipelines: how to search by execution date

While not the most efficient type of pipeline, it is relatively easy to maintain, although it can become complex if you include many steps. GitLab is a collaborative DevOps platform and open source code repository for large software development projects. Whether a re-deployment works as intended depends on the pipeline configuration, because it will not do more than repeating the deploy job under the same circumstances. Since you have configured to deploy a Docker image using the commit SHA as a tag, a re-deployment will work for your pipeline. You’ve created a GitLab CI/CD configuration for building a Docker image and deploying it to your server. Alpine is a lightweight Linux distribution and is sufficient as a Docker image here.

  • The job build package generates a file ‘build.txt’ inside ‘package’ directory and we’re declaring the path package as artifacts.
  • Because this is a simple process, the Basic pipeline design does not allow for much complexity in the design of the pipeline.
  • The CI/CD config file must set all jobs to run in a merge request pipeline.
  • GitLab recognizes that a deployment took place because of the job’s environment section.

TAG_COMMIT, on the other hand, uses the first eight characters of the commit SHA being deployed as the image tag, thereby creating a unique Docker image for each commit. You will be able to trace the history of Docker images down to the granularity of Git commits. This is a common technique when doing continuous deployments, because it allows you to quickly deploy an older version of the code in case of a defective deployment. This is a common strategy to provide a tag that always represents the latest release. For each deployment, the latest image will be overridden in the container registry with the newly built Docker image.

Setup Personal Access Token in GitLab​

Merge train—runs when you merge multiple requests simultaneously. It combines each merge request’s changes into the target branch alongside earlier changes to ensure everything works together. Staging—a preparatory stage that includes a “deployment to staging” job. Stages—these determine when each job runs, such as the code compilation stage followed by the test running stage. Continuous Delivery Understand delivery, deployment, pipelines, and GitOps. For an advanced pipeline that consists of various environments, you can refer to the below YAML.

gitlab pipelines

Please note that service accounts are only available for workspaces under our Business plan, and their administration is restricted to Managers. If your workspace is under the Free plan, you can still use a personal access token to run this integration. A next generation CI/CD platform designed for cloud-native applications, offering dynamic builds, progressive delivery, and much more. Imports can add complexity to your configuration and cause namespace conflicts if you duplicate jobs accidentally.

Visualize pipelines

GitLab noticed this brilliant solution, and right now, it is a default runner used by Gitlab. You can learn more about it from Kamil’s presentation onYoutube. GitLab, when asked, is responsible for dividing work between runners. Still, most of the effort is done by runners and executors, which is good because it allows sharing the workload between multiple servers. It would be best if you simply had some environment that is predictable and where all jobs can be done.