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Scarecrow Drawing

How to Draw A Scarecrow Easily

How to Draw A Scarecrow. The purpose of a scarecrow is no big secret, and it’s even in the name! These straw men were created to keep crows from wreaking havoc on crops, but that doesn’t stop them from being creepy to humans too!

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Their creepiness has made them popular additions to horror films and as Halloween decorations.

Although they are fairly common, learning to draw a scarecrow can still be difficult.

It can be challenging if you have at least the right guide, but luckily you’re on the right guide!

How to Draw A Scarecrow

Step 1

We’ll start this scarecrow drawing guide by drawing the scarecrow’s head.

The head is made of a pumpkin to fit that Halloween feels scarecrows are so often associated with!

Before you mark this pumpkin lead, you can start with the hat on his head. This is drawn with an oval tip with two lines going down from it and then with a rounded border.

Once you’ve drawn this hat, you can add some lines for a cross-hatch effect that will make it look like it’s made of straw.

Finally, you can draw the pumpkin head by drawing curved lines down the hat. A few simple lines for the eyes and a jagged one for the mouth finish it nicely!

Step 2

Now that you’ve finished drawing the scarecrow’s head, you can start with the first arm of the scarecrow.

The scarecrow is wearing a jacket, so the arm is covered with this fabric. You can also use curved lines to draw the rope around the jacket sleeve.

Finally, some straw and wood will sprout from the shirt sleeve, as shown in the reference image. That’s all there is to this step, and you’re good to go!

Step 3

You have successfully drawn the first arm in the previous step of our how to draw a scarecrow guide, and in this step, you can draw the other one.

This should be easy for you as you must draw a mirror image of the arm you drew in the previous step. However, you can always tweak the details a bit if you want!

Step 4

This step will extend the scarecrow’s clothing from the head. First, start drawing the collar at the base of the neck.

Next, use some curved stripes for the drooping flanks of his fur. Finally, draw a line down the middle of his shirt and then draw small circles along that line for the buttons.

You can add small squares with lines around the edges for shirt patches.

Step 5

This part of our how to draw a scarecrow guide is about adding details and elements before the final step.

Draw A Scarecrow

First, use straight lines from the scarecrow for the post it’s hanging from.

Then you can put some crows on his arms to show that this might not be the most effective scarecrow ever!

This rounds out the details in this guide, but before proceeding, feel free to add as much detail as you like!

A great addition would be to create a background for your photo. You could draw a cornfield or a spooky haunted house as the background to create an even more Halloween-inspired image. Can you think of background elements for hats or additional details to add a personal touch to this scarecrow design?

Step 6

Now that you’ve finished drawing the scarecrow, you can bring it to life in this final step of our how-to draw a scarecrow guide!

Scarecrow Drawing

In our reference image, we used some orange for the pumpkin and then rounded it out with some blue and brown for the rest of the scarecrow.

We also added touches of color, like green and red, for the smallest details in the image.

This is a step where you can let your creativity run wild and use whatever colors you love!

There are many ways to incorporate your favorite colors into this image, and you can use a variety of artistic mediums to bring those colors to life.

Mediums like watercolor or colored pencils are great for images with a spooky feel like this one.

On the other hand, using mediums like acrylic paints, colored pencils, or markers would bring some vibrant colors into the picture that would also look amazing!

Your Scarecrow Drawing is Finished!