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Possible ways to use WhatsApp without a phone number

How can anyone use WhatsApp without phone number?

Operating this app without a number is nothing that someone cannot perform. Sometimes, due to different reasons, it might be impossible to use a personal mobile number for this. So there appeared virtual phone numbers. This development allows users to create WhatsApp account without phone from anywhere in the world not even having a smartphone.

Moreover, using them is the only effective option to bypass verification on this app. Completing it is a mandatory part of registration as in the case of other social networking services. If there is no way to perform that action with a regular number, then virtual numbers are the way to go.

Using virtual numbers of different kinds

Managing virtual phone numbers is not difficult. But there are a few types of them which should be definitely taken into consideration when doing this. Virtual numbers of each type have different parameters and offer either fewer or more opportunities. In this regard, we will take a detailed look at how to use WhatsApp without phone number with each of them.

Disposable number

Its name speaks for itself. Such a number can be used to get a verification code only once. After that, it becomes unavailable for usage no matter the situation. It might be not convenient in some cases, however, it has been the most popular choice among users for many years in a row. The reasons are that disposable phone numbers are pretty cheap and enough to perform single registration. Here is how to use it to register on WhatsApp:

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