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SMS activation service: how to use in 2022

To begin with, let’s look at why you should buy virtual numbers.

One of the main reasons is the anonymity and security of all personal data, because in case an intruder gets access to the e-mail, he will not get the weighty and very important data, due to the fact that we do not confirm the mail with the personal data. In the case of a phone number, in most countries it can only be obtained by providing passport data to the service provider. Such data can already reveal your location, gender and just your identity. With this data in hand, you can blackmail a person or even cheat them out of money. This type of deception is called “Social Engineering”.
Another reason you might want to buy virtual numbers is if you are registering a large number of accounts to sell them later.

Why should you choose SMS-MAN?

Even if you agree with everything written above, a reasonable question may arise. Why should you choose SMS Man and not any other?
One of the main reasons is the wide list of countries which is constantly updated. Also, you can find any service you may need.