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Waterfront Properties Go From Strength to Strength

Sydney is leading the world in premium waterfront properties, with buyers in the Harbour city prepared to pay more for those famous water views.

The 2022 Knight Frank International Waterfront Index saw Sydney at number one in the world, with the Gold Coast and Perth following closely auto manufacturing a good career path

A waterfront property in Sydney with iconic views across the harbour attracts an average premium of 121% compared to an equivalent home set away from the water.

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On the Gold Coast, buyers were prepared to pay a 71% premium for a glimpse of the water while in Perth there was a hefty 69% premium for a look at the ocean or the Swan River.

Head of residential research at Knight Frank Australia, Michelle Ciesielski, said Sydney typically attracts a premium for waterfront properties.

“Regardless of the season in Sydney, there is always a strong appetite for waterfront homes, especially those with uninterrupted iconic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House,” Ms Ciesielski said.